Training the nation’s best.

We’ve helped train Craig Simon, Jen Marks, Erin Sampson and Dave Makin throughout their journey to reach the world stage, and now it’s Caleb Cha’s turn.

Caleb Cha of Cafenatics is the 2015 Australian Latte Art Champion and will be representing Australia in Gothenburg, Sweden from 16 – 18 June.

Veneziano is home to two of the country’s WLAC accredited judges, Lance Brown and Craig Dickson. Both judges have spent time with Caleb in preparation for his world routine. In addition, Caleb has received feedback from Jade Jennings; Australian Barista Championship sensory and head judge, visual latte art judge, and Veneziano’s Training and Development Manager.

“We’re so pleased to be working with and mentoring Caleb to finesse his incredible skills with the guidance of our champion baristas. He joins a long line up of baristas we’ve trained to get to the world stage,” says Lance, Veneziano National Business Manager.

Click for behind the scenes access to Caleb Cha's training with Veneziano Coffee Roasters

Click for behind the scenes access to Caleb Cha’s training with Veneziano Coffee Roasters

In preparation for the Australian Latte Art Championship, Caleb trained intensely. He replicated 100 cups of the same pattern for seven days straight to practice accuracy and repetition. This time around Caleb has left nothing to chance. For the past three months Caleb has been training at Code Black seven days a week, clocking up to 50 hours of latte art practice, and conducting mock routine run-throughs at Veneziano’s training facility.

For the best results, Caleb is training with Pura milk for a silky base to practice his designs, and a Mahlkoenig K30 Vario, the Official Grinder Sponsor of the WLAC.

“The Veneziano team have been supporting my training since last year. They have extensive experience and knowledge to train the world’s best. Most of the trainers are previous champions themselves, so it’s no wonder their advice and guidance was really helpful and reliable,” Caleb says. “You can’t get much better feedback than from a current WLAC Judge, like Lance.”

Caleb will be joined in Gothenburg by his Cafenatics support crew and coach. As to which patterns Caleb will produce for the judges at the WLAC, Caleb is keeping his options closely under wraps. “You’ll just have to wait and see. But be assured, the patterns will show difficulty, creativity, and little bit of my own personality in the cup,” he says. “I’m just happy to show the world that Australia has a high class of baristas and latte artists. I’m grateful and extremely honoured that I have the opportunity to show my patterns to the world.”

Veneziano’s new premises in River St, Richmond, Victoria will soon become home to the company’s new state-of-the-art training facilities that meet Specialty Coffee Association of America guidelines and World Barista Championship standards. “Our vision is to create a collaborative space for baristas to learn the best of coffee, with the best equipment from the best in the industry,” says Craig Dickson, WLAC Judge and Veneziano Managing Director.

Click here to read the full story from BeanScene Magazine.

Industry event – Smell, Taste & Critique

On Friday 22nd May, to coincide with Cafe Biz, we will be hosting an industry event and invite you to come along!

VCR Cafe Brisbane: 369 Montague Rd West End
22 May, 5:30pm – 8:30pm

Craig Dickson will host this event with special guest Craig Simon from Think Tank Coffee. Together they will talk about all things coffee including:
– Origin;
– Processing;
– Roasting;
– Competition;
– Street Market;
– Contract Roasting and;
– Blend Recipes.

Following the discussion guests will be treated to a specialty Ninety Plus coffee cupping sessions lead by Craig Simon himself.

Delicious food and drinks will be provided.

To RSVP by Monday 18 May click here.

We hope you can join us!

Veneziano Industry Event Cafe Biz

Craig Simon to compete in the inaugural Coffee Masters competition

CM_Barista_CraigSimonThink Tank’s Craig Simon will hit the stage later this week at the London Coffee Festival to compete in the inaugural Coffee Masters competition.

The fast-paced knockout battle format of Coffee Masters will see 20 baristas from across the globe come together to showcase their skills across a board range of disciplines, including:

• Cupping
• Brewing
• Latte Art
• The Order Challenge
• The Signature Drink
• The Espresso Blend

Craig’s signature drink is a mouth-watering ‘Old Fashioned’ with cold brew Ninety Plus Gesha coffee, whiskey, Angostura bitters and grapefruit juice. Check out his application video here.

He’ll have some rockstar judges to impress including Andrew Tolley, Gwilym Davis, Salvatore Malatesta, Anette Moldvaer and Anne Lunell. For more information on Coffee Masters click here.

Check out our new grounds in the latest BeanScene Magazine

Screen shot 2015-04-22 at 8.59.05 AMGet your hands on a copy of the April BeanScene Magazine to read all about our new premises in River Street, Richmond.

Craig Dickson and our Operations Manager Pat Connolly talk about the big move into the old Mitre 10 hardware warehouse and how we’ve made it our own. Pat explains the design process undertaken to achieve a “circular work flow” in the factory and not to mention the pièce de résistance of the new premises – our brand new state-of-the-art Diedrich 140kg roaster. But this is just the start, over the new few months River Street will be home to a new café with a commercial kitchen, a showroom, cupping lab and training facilities that meets Specialty Coffee Association of America guidelines and World Barista Championship standards of practise. “It will become a go-to place to showcase absolutely everything we do” Craig says.


Veneziano Launches Elevation Specialty Tea at MICE

Elevation Specialty Tea Range by Veneziano CoffeeTea brewing across the MICE weekend.

Veneziano proudly announces the arrival of its long awaited high-end tea offer, Elevation Tea, to be revealed at the Melbourne International Coffee Expo, March 13 – 15 at the Melbourne Showgrounds.

Backed by two decades of experience in the specialty coffee business, Veneziano managing director Craig Dickson says, “When we decided to introduce a custom tea range to complement our coffee offer, it needed to meet the same strict standards we apply to our coffee. Our search has shown us that there was very little out there, so we made the decision to source and develop our own”.

No surprises then, that Elevation specialty tea is subject to the same principles as Veneziano’s coffee sourcing. This includes traceability to Origin, observing optimal harvest times (regarding tea this is typically three times a year), whilst hand picking and then sorting during pre and post processing stages allows for tight quality control.

“Where specialty tea differs to specialty coffee is the processing method. All teas commence as the same raw product, as opposed to coffee which is available as different varieties and a number of other variables that affect flavour outcome”, explains Craig.

“With tea production, it’s the processing times and methods that determine the end resulting tea type, and therefore flavours, for example whether you end up with a green or black tea, and so on. However we never lose sight of the main objective, it still remains about achieving exceptional beverage character and flavour profiles”.

“It’s the all-important flavour that Veneziano was most fastidious about. Most people experience a dull, ‘baggy’ tasting tea with very little flavour as promised on the label”, he says.

High-end Elevation tea is sourced from a quality grower in Sri Lanka using completely natural growth and production protocol, and no additives are used. Only natural oils (not extracts) and herbs have been used to achieve enhance specific flavour attributes.

Further refinement of flavour also occurs with dosage, brew temperature and steep times so tea-drinkers are encouraged to experiment with these parameters in order to discover what suits their tastes, and this will differ from one tea to another.

Being almost as diverse a crop as coffee, Veneziano has come up with a range of ten natural teas including some traditional favourites as well as some exotic and fruity numbers. The result is a specialty tea that is soothing, calming, packed with flavour and great for your health. It complements any high-end beverage offer, such as specialty coffee, perfectly.

Elevation specialty tea is available as fresh, loose leaf tea, in 375gm or 200gm bags in the following styles and combinations for optimum flavour:

  • English Breakfast – 375gm
  • Earl Grey – 375gm
  • Masala Chai – 375gm
  • Gunpowder Green – 375gm
  • Chamomile – 200gm
  • Peppermint – 200gm
  • Lemon and Ginger – 200gm
  • Green Oolong – 200gm
  • Relaxing Herbs – 200gm
  • Equilibrium – 200gm

For enquiries email: phone: 13 COFFEE

First time at MICE: SOURCED COFFEE PODS, Australia’s first specialty pod

Sourced Specialty Coffee Pods CapsulesBe sure to check out Sourced Coffee Pods on our stand at MICE 2015. Australia’s first (and we believe only) specialty pods launched last year, and make their appearance at MICE.

Created exclusively for use with Nespresso and Nespresso-compatible capsule machines, Sourced specialty capsules were developed with the Australian coffee consumer in mind. Our roast team have developed a great tasting pod, full of flavour, filled only with specialty grade coffee that we can trace back to the Origin, and we roast regularly so they’re always fresh. What’s not to love?!

Sourced Coffee Pods are available as a 10 pack for $7.95 or a carton of 60 pods for $42.


What’s on at MICE 2015: INKER CUPS

Inker Cups by  Veneziano Coffee RoastersDue to popularity at MICE 2014, we are bringing back the ever popular Inker cups. Inker crockery is hand-made in Croatia from European-quality porcelain, with raw materials sourced from Germany, England, Czech Republic, Italy and Croatia.

The Zagreb manufacturing facility is able to produce 12,000 pieces per day and the porcelain is fired at 1200 degrees to ensure colour fastness that will not fade or wear. Because each piece is prepared by hand, slight variations in colour may appear, giving it a character that 100 percent automated manufacturing cannot impart.

Available in sets of six cups/saucers in a beautiful range of colours: onyx black, porcelain white, stormy grey, baby blue, splice lime, sherbet orange, racing red, aubergine, canary yellow, ocean blue and vintage green. Sizes come in espresso (80ml), flat white (160ml), regular cappuccino (220ml) and large cappuccino (260ml). Visit our stand at MICE for more details.


Chemex Coffeemakers all sizes great pricing largest distributer in AustraliaOne of the most superior methods of brewing filter coffee, the iconic Chemex coffeemaker is an elegant, hourglass shaped vessel made of high quality, heat resistant borosilicate glass. When combined with the Chemex bonded filters it produces a sediment-free cup of coffee which is flavourful and free of bitterness. Finished simply with a wooden collar and leather tie, the Chemex is recognised by the Museum of Modern Art and others as a classic design piece. Veneziano is Australia’s largest distributor of Chemex coffeemakers.

Available in 3 , 6 & 8 cup versions, retailing at $50, $60 & $65. Veneziano will demonstrate Chemex all weekend at MICE and brew samples will be available for tasting.


Veneziano custom blends photo by Renee Melides

Image by Renee Melides

We will feature our signature blends and some special microlot coffees roasted just for MICE:

  • Bond St – our seasonal blend created from the most recent harvest, currently ‘Autumn’, Colombia La Cascada caturra (washed)/Rwanda Kanyege Red Bourbon (washed)/Ethiopia Danch Meng heirloom (natural)
  • Forza – award winning, strong, dark, full bodied, low acidity, bittersweet chocolate/caramel
  • Estate – intricate, complex, medium strength, nicknamed ‘Toblerone’
  • Bella Vita – smooth, mellow, balanced, versatile, fruit driven.

MICE Workshops – by Veneziano Coffee Roasters

Check out our workshops, to be held on our stand at MICE… all welcome!


Jen Marks Latte Art Champion AustraliaDaily @ 11am – Latte Art Demonstration

– Tips and tricks – conducted by two former Australian Latte Art Champions

Friday and Saturday @ 1pm – From Origin to your House

– A Day in the Life of a Coffee Bean – presentation

Daily @ 2.30pm – Filter Workshop

– Learn to brew a filter coffee with an expert – Chemex, pour over and more