Santuccis guest feature on Beanscene December issue

Beanscene cover Santuccis Cafe affogato and Veneziano Coffee Bond St Summer seasonal blendBeanscene cover Santuccis Cafe affogato and Veneziano Coffee Bond St Summer seasonal blendThe guys at Santuccis Cafe in Camberwell were thrilled to star on the cover of December’s Beanscene. Or rather, the star of the show was their beverage of choice, an affogato made using Veneziano’s Bond St Summer seasonal blend as one of the key ingredients. Perfectly timed for summer, the desert-style beverage is a favourite of brothers Fabian and Massimo Crea, who along with their sister Romina do an amazing job of running the show.

Our Bond St Summer seasonal blend consists of 40% Brazil Sertaozinho, 30% Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Konga and 30% Ethiopia Derar Elan. It’s the perfect accompaniment to Santuccis affogato with flavour notes of: creamy, dry cocoa, plum, sweet spice (black) or caramel, lemon cheesecake, blackberry, very sweet notes (with milk).

View the Beanscene behind the scenes cover shoot video here.


What’s in Specialty Pods?

What goes into Sourced coffee capsules pods

What goes into Sourced coffee capsules pods

What goes into other coffee capsules pods

What goes into other coffee capsules pods

Our coffee producer from Sethuraman Estates in India, recently sent us this image (left) of a new drying bed they’ve prepared to help them cope with the extra load of R Certified specialty Robusta that we require in our unique Sourced pods blend.

Note the uniformity of the beans in size, colour and ripeness; the product of stringent quality control apt for a prized product grown under precise conditions. We are currently preparing for our annual visit to India with Kaapi Royale where we’ll be able to view the exact growing environment where this crop flourished.

As an example of the kind of coffee that you can expect in non specialty coffee capsules, refer to the image on the right of a generic coffee. You can see different levels of ripeness as indicated by colour, various sized cherries that will be processed together for the same length of time, that is bound to affect the flavour attribute ending up in the capsule and ultimately your cup.

So, if you care about taste and quality, even in a capsule, then consider Sourced coffee pods, Australia’s first specialty coffee capsules compatible with your Nespresso machine.


Robusta coffee finds a champion


Craig Dickson and Jack Allisey cupping with First Pour customers

Craig Dickson (centre) and Jack Allisey (right) sharing knowledge with First Pour customers at a weekly public cupping session

Robusta gets noticed – and gets a great write-up. A credit to the dedication of grower Sethuraman Estates’ Nishant Gurjer. We’re proud doing business with you mate!

The entire article is reprinted below, or you can read it here at Good Food online.


Robusta coffee finds a champion

Good Food

Matt Holden

Robusta gets a bad rap: “bike tyre” sniffs a specialty coffee aficionado in an online forum; “100% arabica (no robusta in here)” say the labels of all but the cheapest supermarket blends.

Robusta (Coffea canephora) is a hardier, more disease- and pest-resistant coffee species than Coffea arabica, grows at lower altitudes and produces higher yields. It also contains more caffeine – about twice as much as arabica.

Something like 40 per cent of the world’s coffee output is robusta, according to the US Department of Agriculture’s Foreign Agricultural Service – much of it grown in Vietnam, which in 2013 was the world’s second-largest coffee producer, exporting 25 million bags.

Robusta is also widely planted in India and francophone west Africa (perhaps one reason French coffee tastes so bad).

Much robusta ends up in instant coffee. It’s in traditional Italian espresso blends, lending deep, earthy notes and bold, dark flavours, and is also blended in Greek and Turkish coffee (though Greek coffee roasted in Australia is now often pure arabica).

Managing Director Veneziano Coffee Roasters, Craig Dickson

Craig Dickson

When grown at low elevations for high yield, it can taste pretty ordinary: rubber, smoke, ash, medicinal are the words that spring to many cuppers’ lips. Robusta has not, until recently, been a guest at the specialty coffee party.

But Melbourne roaster Veneziano wants to change that, with robusta from Sethuraman Estate in India’s Karnataka state.

Three of Sethuraman’s robustas have earned Q Robusta certification from the Coffee Quality Institute, scoring more than 80 points in cupping by qualified graders, and are certified as specialty.

As Veneziano’s Craig Dickson explains: “The specialty coffee movement has resulted in us roasting somewhat lighter to highlight the sweetness, acidity and also the complex individual flavours of beans.

Jack Allisey Q Cupper and Roaster at Veneziano

Jack Allisey

“But in milk these complexities can be lost and the coffee struggles to cut through. Using specialty grade
robusta allows us to put a blend together that achieves a carry-through of flavours, without the traditional taints of robusta coffee, which generally come from poor processing.”

The Sethuraman robusta really shines in Veneziano’s Forza blend, giving deep, toasty, chocolatey notes to short blacks and milk coffee.

The Forza is one of Veneziano’s most popular blends, especially, says roaster Jack Allisey, in places that do a lot of takeaways.

“Robusta treated as specialty coffee displays lots of desirable flavours: chocolate, sweet, creamy,” says Allisey. “And it brings great viscosity and mouthfeel to the cup.”



Golden Bean Roaster Competition 2014

Veneziano Coffee Roasters achieved five medals in four categories at the weekend’s Compak Golden Bean Roaster Competition in Port Macquarie, in the highest number of entries seen to date.
The microlot coffees submitted by Veneziano successfully achieved awards in the Filter Chemex and Single Origin categories, whilst its traditional blends were recognised in the Espresso and Organic Espresso categories, in a competition where every coffee entered is judged by industry peers.
In addition, Veneziano received recognition for a further seven awards for its contract roasting, for various blends commissioned by its customers in the categories of Coffee Chain Espresso and Coffee Chain Milk Based Coffee and gold medal recognition for its beans used in the Home Roaster category.
Veneziano was awarded the following:
  • Silver medal for microlot Ethiopia Nekisse – Pour Over Filter (Chemex) category
  • Bronze medal for microlot Costa Rica Black Pearl – Single Origin Espresso category
  • Bronze medal for microlot Kenya Yara – Single Origin Espresso category
  • Bronze medal for blend Pure – Organic Espresso category
  • Bronze medal for blend Bella – Espresso Coffee category
“I am extremely pleased at the performance of our microlot coffees”, says Veneziano managing director Craig Dickson. “Particularly so because it’s a reflection of all our hard work in selecting and building direct trade partnerships with our growers”.
With regards to the contract roasting Veneziano does, Craig explains, “It’s also very satisfying to be recognised for the blends we create for our customers because they are quite prescriptive in what they are looking for in their coffee, for the satisfaction of their own customers”.
“It really demonstrates our ability to partner with customers [requiring their own branded coffee blends], understanding what they need to achieve and our ability to really nail their requirements”, he says, finishing with, “After all, this can only be good for specialty coffee as consumers continue to gain an appreciation for it through wider exposure”.
Veneziano has previously won numerous awards in various specialty roaster, coffee and barista competitions, having competed since its inception.
On a slightly less serious note, the Veneziano also team took out the “Best Dressed” award at the Golden Bean roaster awards dinner ceremony, during which all the medals were announced.


Team Veneziano - Best Dressed at Golden Bean Roaster Competition awardsL-R: Pat Connolly, Craig Simon, Luke Gowty, Ben Romeril (front left)

Team Veneziano - Best Dressed at Golden Bean Roaster Competition awardsThe guys enjoyed being best dressed!

Colombian Cup Of Excellence Pre Auction Cupping

Colombia COE pre auction cupping at First Pour Melb by Veneziano Coffee RoastersWe’re ready to bid for the best Colombian green bean of 2014.

We want you to help us cup 34 different lots from 28 farms. View the winning farms here.

The winning lots are coffees scoring 85 points and above in each cupping by both the national jury and the COE International Jury.

These coffees have each been cupped a minimum of five different times during the cupping process.



Friday 17 October & Saturday 18 October
11am – 12pm
First Pour – Bond Street Abbotsford (Melbourne)

Colombia COE pre auction cupping at First Pour Melb by Veneziano Coffee Roasters
Colombia COE pre auction cupping at First Pour Melb by Veneziano Coffee Roasters Colombia COE pre auction cupping at First Pour Melb by Veneziano Coffee Roasters Winning FarmsColombia COE pre auction cupping at First Pour Melb by Veneziano Coffee Roasters Winning Coffees95f7cec5-fd42-459f-964a-350a9050712e

First Pour Melbourne – Saturdays

Saturdays at First Pour in Bond Street, Abbotsford are buzzing with activity lately. We’ve been running a number of events onsite.

Calling on all home baristas, enthusiasts or those who just want to pick up some coffee skills – keep an eye on the various workshops we will run each week.

Check out our snap shots from our recent filter/brew and latte art skills workshops.

Keep an eye on our Facebook page for more events coming up, including the Colombian COE pre-auction cupping this Saturday, October 18.



Saturdays First Pour Filter/Brew Workshop Saturdays First Pour Filter/Brew Workshop
Saturdays First Pour Filter/Brew WorkshopSaturdays First Pour Filter/Brew Workshop

Saturdays First Pour Filter/Brew Workshop Saturdays First Pour Filter/Brew WorkshopSaturdays First Pour Filter/Brew Workshop Saturdays First Pour Filter/Brew Workshop Saturdays First Pour Filter/Brew Workshop

Saturdays First Pour Latte Art Workshop Saturdays First Pour Latte Art Workshop Saturdays First Pour Latte Art Workshop


Sourced Coffee Pods Reviewed on Good Food

Sourced Coffee Pods, Australia’s first specialty coffee capsules for Nespresso and Nespresso compatible machines, were recently reviewed by Matt Holden for Good Food‘s Drink guide. The result is a big thumbs up!

See below for the full article, or read it on the Good Food website.


Mugshot: Australia’s first specialty pods road test


Matt Holden

Sourced Specialty Coffee Pods Capsules Australian First

Capsule machines: one good thing – apart from the stupid-easy operation – is that they are consistent. The coffee always comes out the same: dense crema, airport-espresso flavour, thin body, toasty finish.

“Same funnel,” I often think, borrowing the phrase a friend in the early 1990s used when I asked him about the art-making possibilities of the then-new PhotoShop (he was an X-Acto knife-wielding guerrilla from Sydney’s underground mail and photocopy art scene).

The latest coffee to get the “same funnel” treatment comes in Sourced Coffee Pods from local specialty roaster Veneziano: Australia’s first speciality pods, the company says.

There are two problems for roasters preparing coffee for pods: the tiny amount of coffee they have to work with – just 5.5 grams – and the “same funnel” principle of the machines’ push-button system. There’s none of the adjusting grind, extraction time or water temperature that professional and obsessive home baristas do: every capsule gets the same treatment.

In testing, the Sourced pods made a short black with a dense crema, a flavour more caramel than dark chocolate, with a hint of specialty fruitiness and a clean, nutty finish.

How do they compare with other locally roasted capsules? Shots by Genovese produced a bold, classic espresso-style cup with hints of dark chocolate and a toasty finish, while Piazza D’Oro’s L’Or Espresso Superiore had a toasty nose, hints of bitter chocolate and a flavour that was just a little espresso-generico.

All three produce a dense, pale honeycomb-coloured crema that gives a much fuller mouthfeel than a stovetop espresso, even if the flavour gamut is still quite narrow, especially compared with specialty coffee extracted on a high-end espresso machine.

One thing you can say about Veneziano’s pods is that their sourcing is pretty transparent.

The company’s Craig Dickson proclaims rather boldly in a press release, “We can tell you which farm and even which paddock it’s from.”

So, Mr Dickson, which paddock (or lot) is it from? In an email, he explains that the blend will vary depending on seasonal availability, but the flavour profile will stay the same. At the moment, the pods contain coffee blended from four different farms: Brazil Sertaozinho Estate (lots 57 and 50); Colombia San Fernando Estate (lot 538); India Muntane Estate (a lot called Halasu); and India Sethuraman Estate (a lot called Jenumara, or “honey tree”).

You can’t get much more sourced than that – especially in a capsule.

New Betty’s Vanilla Chai

Bettys Vanilla Chai by VenezianoOur Betty’s Chai and Bates Chocolate range just received a new addition – Betty’s Vanilla Chai – to complement our non-coffee beverage offer.

Due to popular demand of the vanilla chai product, we at Veneziano sought to create our own premium version that we proudly call Betty’s Vanilla Chai.

The all-natural ingredients of our vanilla chai includes the addition of ground spices resulting in a chai that is not only vanilla and spice, but delicate, smooth, velvety, creamy and rich with a well-rounded mouthfeel.

Prepare it as per the instructions that follow and enjoy!

Bettys Vanilla Chai by Veneziano How to Prepare and Enjoy Bettys Vanilla Chai by Veneziano

From Bond Street to River Street – the Move so Far

New Veneziano premises - 16 River St Richmond

In March this year Veneziano Coffee Roasters announced its move to new premises in River Street, Richmond, a suburb away from its original home in Bond Street, Abbotsford.

The move will consolidate four disparate locations into one, including the administration offices, warehouse facilities with incoming and outgoing goods, a roastery upgrade featuring a full turnkey Diedrich commercial roaster, and eventually the First Pour cafe that will be expanded to include seated food service.

The premises will also be home to Veneziano’s barista training school whilst the espresso and brew bar showroom will include Veneziano’s most recent, exciting innovation; Nitro Coffee.


Stage One – April 2014:

Administration offices were completed on a mezzanine level overlooking the main floor space.

New Veneziano premises Richmond - admin office overlooking future First Pour









Stage Two – August 2014:

Images show commencement of preparation for the new roastery in August 2014.

Veneziano River Street move preparations Veneziano River Street move preparations

Stage Three – August 2014:

Images show in the mean time, the roastery build at Diedrich’s end, in preparation for installation, anticipated for October 2014.

Veneziano Diedrich Roaster

Veneziano Diedrich Roaster Veneziano Diedrich Roaster Veneziano Diedrich Roaster Veneziano Diedrich Roaster




















Veneziano Diedrich Roaster     Veneziano Diedrich Roaster

Stage Four – September 2014:

The warehouse is ready to be moved into its new home!

Veneziano warehouse moving into River Street

Positioning statement by Veneziano Coffee Roasters – Minor DKL invests

Veneziano Coffee Roasters celebrates a major milestone in the company’s 14 year operations as it welcomes on board an investor for the first time, Minor DKL Food Group (Minor DKL).

Australian retail food brand franchisor Minor DKL has a keen interest in the specialty coffee market, particularly the evolution and success of the industry in Australia. With plans to eventually enter the specialty coffee market in New Zealand, Asia and UAE, Minor DKL approached Veneziano to partner with them in this venture.

Veneziano is seen as an attractive business prospect for the Minor DKL due to its position as a highly successful roaster and leader in the specialty coffee field, with a business that has exhibited steady growth since its inception in 2000.

The prospect of bringing its roasting expertise to new markets in New Zealand, Asia and UAE is one that also resonates with Veneziano, as whilst the company is yet to have a physical presence in Asia, the brand is known and respected throughout the Asian specialty coffee industry community. This recognition has been driven by Veneziano’s strong presence as both competitors and judges in world barista competitions.

“If you had asked me 14 years ago whether I’d ever envisage our company roasting in Asia, I’d never have imagined it”, says Veneziano CEO Craig Dickson, on what now seems likely to become a reality.

“Our early days were focused on roasting for Melbourne cafes, we later included Canberra, Brisbane, Adelaide and more recently Sydney in the mix because the coffee we were roasting and our whole ethos behind what we do was simply in demand. We’re excited for the future and proud of all our achievements to date. Who would’t be?” he asks.

The experienced team at Veneziano Coffee Roasters

The Veneziano Team (seen here supporting Craig Simon in WBC2014)

Minor DKL views the talent, skills, knowledge and intellectual property, in terms of the human resources, as a major asset of Veneziano Coffee Roasters and values the ability of Veneziano Coffee Roasters to create specialty coffee enjoyed by coffee drinkers around Australia. Minor DKL’s success in experiencing tremendous growth is due to recognising an already successful company and not altering with the status quo of its operations.

“We are very excited to partner with Minor DKL and Minor International to continue to invest and grow our brands in Australia and enter markets in New Zealand and Asia. Minor is known for successfully partnering with entrepreneurial founders thereby ensuring the founders’ principles and objectives are maintained, whilst providing infrastructure and resources to effectively grow the brand; this is why we are excited about this opportunity”, says Craig Dickson, Veneziano Coffee Roasters managing director.

The announcement comes at an opportune time as Veneziano announces a state of the art roasting facility at new premises located in River Street, Richmond, to be completed at the end of 2014.

Minor DKL Food Group is the Australian subsidiary of Thai-listed Minor International PCL (MINT). Through its subsidiary, Minor Food Group has more recently expanded in Australia and New Zealand.

About Veneziano Coffee Roasters – established 2000
Specialty roasters; award winning blends, exclusive micro-lot coffees and
contract roasting; supporter of direct trade with producers and cooperatives;
on-site quality coffee training and education by professional baristas; First Pour cafe espresso bars, brew bars and coffee showrooms; home of Australian barista, latte art, cupping and roasting champions; licensed Q Cuppers and World certified judge; professional espresso machines, grinders and equipment for cafe and home; Australia’s largest distributor of Chemex Coffeemakers and Inker Cups, recipient of countless roaster and barista awards and proud supplier to over 500 of Australia’s best cafes.

The First Pours are located at:
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